Definitions for: Pica

[n] eating earth or clay or chalk; occurs in some primitive tribes or sometimes in cases of nutritional deficiency
[n] magpies
[n] a linear unit (1/6 inch) used in printing

Webster (1913) Definition: Pi"ca, n. [L. pica a pie, magpie; in sense 3 prob. named
from some resemblance to the colors of the magpie. Cf. Pie
1. (Zo["o]l.) The genus that includes the magpies.

2. (Med.) A vitiated appetite that craves what is unfit for
food, as chalk, ashes, coal, etc.; chthonophagia.

3. (R. C. Ch.) A service-book. See Pie. [Obs.]

4. (Print.) A size of type next larger than small pica, and
smaller than English.

Note: This line is printed in pica

Note: Pica is twice the size of nonpareil, and is used as a
standard of measurement in casting leads, cutting
rules, etc., and also as a standard by which to
designate several larger kinds of type, as double pica,
two-line pica, four-line pica, and the like.

Small pica (Print.), a size of type next larger than long
primer, and smaller than pica.

Note: This line is printed in small pica

Synonyms: em, genus Pica, geophagia, geophagy, pica em

See Also: bird genus, Corvidae, eating, en, family Corvidae, feeding, in, inch, linear unit, magpie, nut, point

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