Definitions for: Phantom

[n] something existing in perception only; "a ghostly apparition at midnight"
[n] a ghostly appearing figure; "we were unprepared for the apparition that confronted us"
[adj] something apparently sensed but having no physical reality; "seemed to hear faint phantom bells"; "the amputee's illusion of a phantom limb"

Webster (1913) Definition: Phan"tom, a.
Being, or of the nature of, a phantom.

Phantom isles are floating in the skies. --B. Taylor.

Phan"tom, n. [OE. fantome, fantosme, fantesme, OF.
fant[^o]me, fr. L. phantasma, Gr. ?, fr. ? to show. See
Fancy, and cf. Pha["e]ton, Phantasm, Phase.]
That which has only an apparent existence; an apparition; a
specter; a phantasm; a sprite; an airy spirit; an ideal

Strange phantoms rising as the mists arise. --Pope.

She was a phantom of delight. --Wordsworth.

Phantom ship. See Flying Dutchman, under Flying.

Phantom tumor (Med.), a swelling, especially of the
abdomen, due to muscular spasm, accumulation of flatus,
etc., simulating an actual tumor in appearance, but
disappearing upon the administration of an an[ae]sthetic.

Synonyms: apparition, apparition, shadow, specter, spectre, unreal

See Also: disembodied spirit, Flying Dutchman, Flying Dutchman, flying saucer, ghost, illusion, semblance, shade, specter, spectre, spirit, spook, UFO, unidentified flying object, wraith

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