Definitions for: Period Of Time

[n] time period, a span of time

Synonyms: period, time period

See Also: bimester, bimillenary, bimillennium, calendar day, calendar week, century, civil day, continuance, dark, day, daylight, daytime, decade, decennary, decennium, downtime, duration, elapsed time, eve, evening, festival, field day, forenoon, fortnight, fundamental measure, fundamental quantity, half-century, hebdomad, hospitalization, hours, Indian summer, lactation, life, lifespan, lifetime, lustrum, millennium, morn, morning, morning time, night, nighttime, occupation, Olympiad, past, point, point in time, puerperium, quarter-century, Saint Martin's summer, school, schooltime, semester, shelf life, test period, time, time frame, time of life, time off, travel time, trial period, twelvemonth, two weeks, uptime, week, weekend, work time, year, yr

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