Definitions for: Performer

[n] an entertainer who performs a dramatic or musical work for an audience

Webster (1913) Definition: Per*form"er, n.
One who performs, accomplishes, or fulfills; as, a good
promiser, but a bad performer; especially, one who shows
skill and training in any art; as, a performer of the drama;
a performer on the harp.

Synonyms: performing artist

See Also: actor, artiste, baton twirler, comedian, comic, conjurer, conjuror, cowboy, dancer, ecdysiast, entertainer, executant, exotic dancer, fire walker, fire-eater, fire-swallower, headliner, histrion, illusionist, instrumentalist, juggler, magician, minstrel, monologist, musician, peeler, player, prestidigitator, professional dancer, puppeteer, rodeo rider, role player, Savoyard, sightreader, snake charmer, star, straight man, stripper, striptease, striptease artist, stripteaser, thespian, twirler, vaudevillian, ventriloquist

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