Definitions for: Percher

[n] a bird with feet adapted for perching (as on tree branches); this order is now generally abandoned by taxonomists
[n] a person situated on a perch

Webster (1913) Definition: Perch"er, n. [From Perch, v. i.]
1. One who, or that which, perches. --J. Burroughs.

2. One of the Insessores.

3. [From Perch a pole.] A Paris candle anciently used in
England; also, a large wax candle formerly set upon the
altar. [Obs.] --Bailey.

Synonyms: Insessores, order Insessores, perching bird

See Also: animal order, Aves, class Aves, human, individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul

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