Definitions for: Penal

[adj] subject to punishment by law; "a penal offense"
[adj] serving as or designed to impose punishment; "penal servitude"; "a penal colony"
[adj] of or relating to punishment; "penal reform"; "penal code"

Webster (1913) Definition: Pe"nal, a. [L. poenalis, fr. poena punishment: cf. F.
p['e]nal. See Pain.]
Of or pertaining to punishment, to penalties, or to crimes
and offenses; pertaining to criminal jurisprudence: as:
(a) Enacting or threatening punishment; as, a penal statue;
the penal code.
(b) Incurring punishment; subject to a penalty; as, a
penalact of offense.
(c) Inflicted as punishment; used as a means of punishment;
as, a penal colony or settlement. ``Adamantine chains and
penal fire.'' --Milton.

Penal code (Law), a code of laws concerning crimes and
offenses and their punishment.

Penal laws, Penal statutes (Law), laws prohibited certain
acts, and imposing penalties for committing them.

Penal servitude, imprisonment with hard labor, in a prison,
in lieu of transportation. [Great Brit.]

Penal suit, Penal action (Law), a suit for penalties.

Synonyms: illegal, punishable, punitive, punitory

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