Definitions for: Pat

[n] a light touch or stroke
[n] the sound made by a gentle blow
[adv] completely or perfectly; "he has the lesson pat"; "had the system down pat"
[adj] exactly suited to the occasion; "a pat reply"
[adj] having only superficial plausibility; "glib promises"; "a slick commercial"
[v] hit lightly
[v] pat or squeeze fondly or playfully, esp. under the chin

Webster (1913) Definition: Pat, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Patted; p. pr. & vb. n.
Patting.] [Cf. G. patschen, Prov. G. patzen, to strike,
To strike gently with the fingers or hand; to stroke lightly;
to tap; as, to pat a dog.

Gay pats my shoulder, and you vanish quite. --Pope.

Pat, n.
1. A light, quik blow or stroke with the fingers or hand; a

2. A small mass, as of butter, shaped by pats.

It looked like a tessellated work of pats of butter.

Pat, a. [Cf. pat a light blow, D. te pas convenient, pat,
where pas is fr. F. passer to pass.]
Exactly suitable; fit; convenient; timely. ``Pat allusion.''

Pat, adv.
In a pat manner.

I foresaw then 't would come in pat hereafter.

Synonyms: appropriate, chuck, dab, dab, glib, plausible, rap, slick, tap, tap

See Also: caress, pitter-patter, sound, strike, touch, touching

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