Definitions for: Participant

[n] someone who takes part in an activity
[n] a person who participates in or is skilled at some game

Webster (1913) Definition: Par*tic"i*pant, a. [L. participans, p. pr. of
participare: cf. F. participant. See Participate.]
Sharing; participating; having a share of part. --Bacon.

Par*tic"i*pant, n.
A participator; a partaker.

Participants in their . . . mysterious rites. --Bp.

See Also: associate, attendant, attendee, attender, ballplayer, baseball player, billiard player, bowler, bride, bridegroom, card player, chess player, contestant, dart player, discussant, football player, footballer, golf player, golfer, grandmaster, groom, hockey player, ice-hockey player, lacrosse player, linksman, masker, masquer, masquerader, meeter, most valuable player, MVP, partaker, player, pool player, retreatant, scorer, seed, seeded player, server, sharer, shooter, soccer player, stringer, tennis player, volleyball player

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