Definitions for: Parley

[n] a negotiation between enemies
[v] discuss, as between enemies

Webster (1913) Definition: Par"ley, n.; pl. Parleys. [F. parler speech, talk,
fr. parler to speak, LL. parabolare, fr. L. parabola a
comparison, parable, in LL., a word. See Parable, and cf.
Parliament, Parlor.]
Mutual discourse or conversation; discussion; hence, an oral
conference with an enemy, as with regard to a truce.

We yield on parley, but are stormed in vain. --Dryden.

To beat a parley (Mil.), to beat a drum, or sound a
trumpet, as a signal for holding a conference with the

Par"ley, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Parleyed; p. pr. & vb.
n. Parleying.]
To speak with another; to confer on some point of mutual
concern; to discuss orally; hence, specifically, to confer
orally with an enemy; to treat with him by words, as on an
exchange of prisoners, an armistice, or terms of peace.

They are at hand, To parley or to fight; therefore
prepare. --Shak.

See Also: dialogue, negociate, negotiation, palaver, talks

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