Definitions for: Parade

[n] a visible display; "she made a parade of her sorrows"
[n] a ceremonial procession including people marching
[n] an extended (often showy) succession of persons or things; "a parade of strollers on the mall"; "a parade of witnesses"
[v] march in a procession
[v] walk ostentatiously; "She parades her new husband around town"

Webster (1913) Definition: Pa*rade", n. [F., fr. Sp. parada a halt or stopping, an
assembling for exercise, a place where troops are assembled
to exercise, fr. parar to stop, to prepare. See Pare, v.
1. The ground where a military display is held, or where
troops are drilled.

2. (Mil.) An assembly and orderly arrangement or display of
troops, in full equipments, for inspection or evolutions
before some superior officer; a review of troops. Parades
are general, regimental, or private (troop, battery, or
company), according to the force assembled.

3. Pompous show; formal display or exhibition.

Be rich, but of your wealth make no parade. --Swift.

4. That which is displayed; a show; a spectacle; an imposing
procession; the movement of any body marshaled in military
order; as, a parade of firemen.

In state returned the grand parade. --Swift.

5. Posture of defense; guard. [A Gallicism.]

When they are not in parade, and upon their guard.

6. A public walk; a promenade.

Dress parade, Undress parade. See under Dress, and

Parade rest, a position of rest for soldiers, in which,
however, they are required to be silent and motionless.

Syn: Ostentation; display; show.

Usage: Parade, Ostentation. Parade is a pompous
exhibition of things for the purpose of display;
ostentation now generally indicates a parade of
virtues or other qualities for which one expects to be
honored. ``It was not in the mere parade of royalty
that the Mexican potentates exhibited their power.''
--Robertson. ``We are dazzled with the splendor of
titles, the ostentation of learning, and the noise of
victories.'' --Spectator.

Pa*rade", v. t. [imp. & p. p. Paraded; p. pr. & vb.
n. Parading.] [Cf. F. parader.]
1. To exhibit in a showy or ostentatious manner; to show off.

Parading all her sensibility. --Byron.

2. To assemble and form; to marshal; to cause to maneuver or
march ceremoniously; as, to parade troops.

Pa*rade", v. i.
1. To make an exhibition or spectacle of one's self, as by
walking in a public place.

2. To assemble in military order for evolutions and
inspection; to form or march, as in review.

Synonyms: exhibit, promenade, troop

See Also: callathump, callithump, callithump parade, display, exhibit, march, process, procession, showing, succession, walk

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