Definitions for: Overreach

[v] beat through cleverness and wit; "I beat the traffic"; "She outfoxed her competitors"
[v] fail by aiming too high or trying too hard

Webster (1913) Definition: O`ver*reach", v. t. [imp. & p. p. Overreached,
(Overraught, obs.); p. pr. & vb. n. Overreaching.]
1. To reach above or beyond in any direction.

2. To deceive, or get the better of, by artifice or cunning;
to outwit; to cheat. --Shak.

O`ver*reach", v. i.
1. To reach too far; as:
(a) To strike the toe of the hind foot against the heel or
shoe of the forefoot; -- said of horses.
(b) (Naut.) To sail on one tack farther than is necessary.

2. To cheat by cunning or deception.

O"ver*reach`, n.
The act of striking the heel of the fore foot with the toe of
the hind foot; -- said of horses.

Synonyms: beat, circumvent, outfox, outsmart, outwit

See Also: exceed, fail, go wrong, miscarry, outdo, outgo, outmatch, outstrip, surmount, surpass

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