Definitions for: Orthodoxy

[n] the quality of being orthodox (especially in religion)
[n] a belief or orientation agreeing with conventional standards

Webster (1913) Definition: Or"tho*dox`y, n. [Gr. ?: cf. F. orthodoxie. See
1. Soundness of faith; a belief in the doctrines taught in
the Scriptures, or in some established standard of faith;
-- opposed to heterodoxy or to heresy.

Basil himself bears full and clear testimony to
Gregory's orthodoxy. --Waterland.

2. Consonance to genuine Scriptural doctrines; -- said of
moral doctrines and beliefs; as, the orthodoxy of a creed.

3. By extension, said of any correct doctrine or belief.

Antonyms: heresy, heterodoxy, heterodoxy, unorthodoxy, unorthodoxy

See Also: conformism, conformity, convention, conventionalism, conventionality, orientation, traditionalism, traditionality, unoriginality

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