Definitions for: Orient

[n] the hemisphere that includes Eurasia and Africa and Australia
[n] the countries of Asia
[adj] (poetic) "the orient sun"
[v] set or arrange in a new or different determinate position; "Orient the house towards the South"
[v] determine one's position with reference to another point
[v] cause to point; "Orient the house towards the West"
[v] be oriented; "The weather vane points North"

Webster (1913) Definition: O"ri*ent, a. [F., fr. L. oriens, -entis, p. pr. of
oriri to rise. See Origin.]
1. Rising, as the sun.

Moon, that now meet'st the orient sun. --Milton.

2. Eastern; oriental. ``The orient part.'' --Hakluyt.

3. Bright; lustrous; superior; pure; perfect; pellucid; --
used of gems and also figuratively, because the most
perfect jewels are found in the East. ``Pearls round and
orient.'' --Jer. Taylor. ``Orient gems.'' --Wordsworth.
``Orient liquor in a crystal glass.'' --Milton.

O"ri*ent, n.
1. The part of the horizon where the sun first appears in the
morning; the east.

[Morn] came furrowing all the orient into gold.

2. The countries of Asia or the East. --Chaucer.

Best built city throughout the Orient. --Sir T.

3. A pearl of great luster. [R.] --Carlyle.

O"ri*ent, v. t. [F. orienter. Cf. Orientate.]
1. To define the position of, in relation to the orient or
east; hence, to ascertain the bearings of.

2. Fig.: To correct or set right by recurring to first
principles; to arrange in order; to orientate.

O"ri*ent, v. t.
1. Same as Orientate, 2.

2. To place (a map or chart) so that its east side, north
side, etc., lie toward the corresponding parts of the
horizon; specif. (Surv.), to rotate (a map attached to a
plane table) until the line of direction between any two
of its points is parallel to the corresponding direction
in nature.

Synonyms: change orientation, East, eastern, eastern hemisphere, orientate, reorient

Antonyms: disorient, disorientate

See Also: adjust, Africa, align, aline, Asia, Australia, change, decide, determine, Eurasia, Far East, guide, guide on, hemisphere, lie, line up, make up one's mind, Old World, orient, point, position, reorient, reorientate, skew

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