Definitions for: Organic Compound

[n] any compound of carbon and another element or

See Also: acetal, acid anhydrides, acid halide, acyl anhydrides, acyl halide, aldehyde, aldehyde-alcohol, aldol, aliphatic compound, alkaloid, alkyl halide, alkylbenzene, amide, amino acid, aminoalkanoic acid, azadirachtin, baking soda, bicarbonate of soda, cacodyl, carbamide, chemical compound, coal-tar creosote, compound, creatine phosphate, creatine phosphoric acid, creosote, cyanide, cyanohydrin, diamine, enol, erythrocytolysin, erythrolysin, ester, furan, furane, furfuran, glycoside, haemolysin, haloalkane, halocarbon, halon, hemiacetal, hemolysin, hydrocarbon, imide, ketone, macromolecule, neurochemical, nitril, nitrile, nitrobenzene, nonsteroid, nonsteroidal, oxime, peptone, petrochemical, phenol, phosphocreatine, proenzyme, propylthiouracil, pyrimidine, quassia, quaternary ammonium compound, rennet, resin, rosin, saleratus, sodium bicarbonate, sodium hydrogencarbonate, steroid, supermolecule, tetramethyldiarsine, thiazine, thiouracil, urea, xanthine, zymogen

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