Definitions for: Opus

[n] a musical work that has been created; "the composition is written in four movements"

Webster (1913) Definition: O"pus, n.; pl. Opera. [L. See Opera.]
A work; specif. (Mus.), a musical composition.

Note: Each composition, or set of pieces, as the composer may
choose, is called an opus, and they are numbered in the
order of their issue. (Often abbrev. to op.)

Opus incertum. [L.] (Arch.) See under Incertum.

Synonyms: composition, musical composition, piece, piece of music

See Also: adagio, allegro, arrangement, bagatelle, canon, capriccio, coda, creation, divertimento, duet, duette, duo, etude, fantasia, finale, idyll, intermezzo, largo, medley, morceau, motet, movement, music, musical arrangement, musical passage, nocturne, octet, octette, passage, pastiche, pastoral, pastorale, potpourri, program music, programme music, quartet, quartette, quintet, quintette, realization, septet, septette, serenade, sestet, sextet, sextette, sheet music, solo, song, study, suite, symphonic poem, toccata, tone poem, trio

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