Definitions for: Opportune

[adj] at a convenient or suitable time; "an opportune time to receive guests"
[adj] suitable or at a time that is suitable or advantageous especially for a particular purpose; "an opportune place to make camp"; "an opportune arrival"

Webster (1913) Definition: Op`por*tune", a. [F. opporiun, L. opportunus, lit.,
at or before the port; ob (see Ob-) + a derivative of
portus port, harbor. See Port harbor.]
Convenient; ready; hence, seasonable; timely. --Milton.

This is most opportune to our need. --Shak.
-- Op`por*tune"ly, adv. -- Op`por*tune"ness, n.

Op`por*tune", v. t.
To suit. [Obs.] --Dr. Clerke(1637).

Synonyms: convenient, favorable, favourable, good, right, ripe, seasonable, timely, well timed(p), well-timed(a)

Antonyms: inopportune

See Also: advantageous

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