Definitions for: Onset

[n] an offensive against and enemy (using weapons); "the attack began at dawn"
[n] the beginning or early stages; "the onset of pneumonia"

Webster (1913) Definition: On"set`, n. [On + set.]
1. A rushing or setting upon; an attack; an assault; a
storming; especially, the assault of an army. --Milton.

The onset and retire Of both your armies. --Shak.

Who on that day the word of onset gave.

2. A setting about; a beginning. [Obs.] --Shak.

There is surely no greater wisdom than well to time
the beginnings and onsets of things. --Bacon.

3. Anything set on, or added, as an ornament or as a useful
appendage. [Obs.] --Johnson.

On"set`, v. t.
1. To assault; to set upon. [Obs.]

2. To set about; to begin. [Obs.] --Carew.

Synonyms: attack, oncoming, onrush, onslaught

See Also: assault, banzai attack, banzai charge, blitz, bombardment, bombing, charge, counterattack, countermove, coup de main, diversion, diversionary attack, fire, firing, ground attack, incursion, military operation, operation, penetration, start, strike, surprise attack

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