Definitions for: Oddity

[n] something unusual -- perhaps worthy of collecting
[n] a strange attitude or habit
[n] eccentricity that is not easily explained

Webster (1913) Definition: Odd"i*ty, n.; pl. Oddities.
1. The quality or state of being odd; singularity; queerness;
peculiarity; as, oddity of dress, manners, and the like.

That infinitude of oddities in him. --Sterne.

2. That which is odd; as, a collection of oddities.

Synonyms: crotchet, curio, curiosity, oddment, oddness, peculiarity, queerness, quirk, quirkiness, rarity

See Also: collector's item, eccentricity, piece de resistance, showpiece, strangeness, stuff, sundries, sundry, unfamiliarity, whatchamacallit, whatsis

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