Definitions for: Occurrence

[n] an event that happens
[n] an instance of something occurring; "a disease of frequent occurrence"; "the occurrence (or presence) of life on other planets"

Webster (1913) Definition: Oc*cur"rence, n. [Cf. F. occurrence. See Occur.]
1. A coming or happening; as, the occurence of a railway

Voyages detain the mind by the perpetual occurrence
and expectation of something new. --I. Watts.

2. Any incident or event; esp., one which happens without
being designed or expected; as, an unusual occurrence, or
the ordinary occurrences of life.

All the occurrence of my fortune. --Shak.

Syn: See Event.

Synonyms: happening, natural event

See Also: accident, accompaniment, alteration, appearance, avalanche, beginning, blow, bonanza, boom, break, burst, case, chance event, change, collapse, computer error, conclusion, concomitant, contact, contingency, convergence, co-occurrence, crash, destiny, disappearance, discharge, ending, episode, error, eruption, event, eventuality, example, experience, failure, fate, finish, fire, flare-up, flash, fortuity, impinging, incident, instance, interruption, juncture, manna from heaven, marvel, miracle, modification, motion, movement, news event, occasion, outbreak, outburst, periodic event, presence, recurrent event, reversal, reverse, setback, sound, striking, success, thing, trouble, union, wonder

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