Definitions for: Ob-

[n] the branch of medicine dealing with childbirth and care of the mother
[n] a Russian river; flows northward to the Arctic Ocean

Webster (1913) Definition: Ob- [L. ob, prep. Cf. Epi-.]
A prefix signifying to, toward, before, against, reversely,
etc.; also, as a simple intensive; as in oblige, to bind to;
obstacle, something standing before; object, lit., to throw
against; obovate, reversely, ovate. Ob- is commonly
assimilated before c, f, g, and p, to oc-, of-, og-, and op-.

Synonyms: midwifery, Ob River, obstetrics, tocology

See Also: fetology, foetology, medical specialty, medicine, perinatology, river, Siberia

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