Definitions for: Ney

[n] French marshal in the Napoleonic Wars (1769-1815)

Webster (1913) Definition: Ney, n. [AS. net; akin to D. net, OS. net, netti, OHG.
nezzi, G. netz, Icel. & Dan. net, Sw. n["a]t, Goth. nati; of
uncertain origin.]
1. A fabric of twine, thread, or the like, wrought or woven
into meshes, and used for catching fish, birds,
butterflies, etc.

2. Anything designed or fitted to entrap or catch; a snare;
any device for catching and holding.

A man that flattereth his neighbor spreadeth a net
for his feet. --Prov. xxix.

In the church's net there are fishes good or bad.
--Jer. Taylor.

3. Anything wrought or woven in meshes; as, a net for the
hair; a mosquito net; a tennis net.

4. (Geom.) A figure made up of a large number of straight
lines or curves, which are connected at certain points and
related to each other by some specified law.

Synonyms: Duc d'Elchingen, Michel Ney

See Also: full general, general, marshal, marshall

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