Definitions for: Nectarine

[n] smooth-skinned variety or mutation of the peach
[n] variety or mutation of the peach bearing smooth-skinned fruit with usually yellow flesh

Webster (1913) Definition: Nec"tar*ine, a.
Nectareous. [R.] --Milton.

Nec"tar*ine, n. [Cf. F. nectarine. See Nectar.]
A smooth-skinned variety of peach.

Spanish nectarine, the plumlike fruit of the West Indian
tree Chrysobalanus Icaco; -- also called cocoa plum.
it is made into a sweet conserve which a largely exported
from Cuba.

Synonyms: nectarine tree, Prunus persica nectarina

See Also: edible fruit, fruit tree, genus Prunus, nectarine, nectarine, nectarine tree, Prunus, Prunus persica nectarina

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