Definitions for: Naturalization

[n] changing the pronunciation of a borrowed word to agree with the borrowers' phonology; "the naturalization in English of many Italian words"
[n] the introduction of animals or plants to places where they flourish but are not indigenous
[n] the proceeding whereby a foreigner is granted citizenship
[n] the quality of being brought into conformity with nature

Webster (1913) Definition: Nat`u*ral*i*za"tion, n. [Cf. F.
The act or process of naturalizing, esp. of investing an
alien with the rights and privileges of a native or citizen;
also, the state of being naturalized.

Synonyms: naturalisation, naturalisation

See Also: adoption, borrowing, debut, entry, first appearance, introduction, launching, legal proceeding, naturalness, proceeding, proceedings, unveiling

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