Definitions for: Mum

[n] secrecy; "mum's the word"
[n] informal terms for a mother
[n] of China
[adj] failing to speak or communicate etc when expected to; "the witness remained silent"

Webster (1913) Definition: Mum, a. [Of imitative origin. Cf. Mumble.]
Silent; not speaking. --Thackeray.

The citizens are mum, and speak not a word. --Shak.

Mum, interj.
Be silent! Hush!

Mum, then, and no more. --Shak.

Mum, n.
Silence. [R.] --Hudibras.

Mum, n. [G. mummere, fr. Christian Mumme, who first brewed
it in 1492.]
A sort of strong beer, originally made in Brunswick, Germany.

The clamorous crowd is hushed with mugs of mum. --Pope.

Synonyms: Chrysanthemum morifolium, Dendranthema grandifloruom, florist's chrysanthemum, florists' chrysanthemum, incommunicative, ma, mama, mamma, mammy, mater, mom, momma, mommy, mummy, silent, uncommunicative

See Also: chrysanthemum, female parent, mother, secrecy, secretiveness, silence

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