Definitions for: Motorize

[v] equip with armed and armored motor vehicles; "mechanize armies"
[v] equip with a motor; "motorized scooters are now the rage"
[v] equip with a motor vehicle; "The police around here are not motorized and patrol the streets on horseback"

Webster (1913) Definition: Mo"tor*ize (m[=o]"t[~e]r*[imac]z), v. t. [Motor +
To substitute motor-driven vehicles, or automobiles, for the
horses and horse-drawn vehicles of (a fire department, city,
etc.). -- Mo`tor*i*za"tion, n.

Synonyms: mechanise, mechanize, motorise

See Also: equip, equip, fit, fit, fit out, fit out, outfit, outfit

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