Definitions for: Monogenesis

[n] asexual reproduction by the production and release of spores

Webster (1913) Definition: Mon`o*gen"e*sis, n. [Mono- + genesis.]
1. Oneness of origin; esp. (Biol.), development of all beings
in the universe from a single cell; -- opposed to
polygenesis. Called also monism. --Dana. --Haeckel.

2. (Biol.) That form of reproduction which requires but one
parent, as in reproduction by fission or in the formation
of buds, etc., which drop off and form new individuals;
asexual reproduction. --Haeckel.

3. (Biol.) The direct development of an embryo, without
metamorphosis, into an organism similar to the parent
organism; -- opposed to metagenesis. --E. van Beneden.

Synonyms: sporulation

See Also: agamogenesis, asexual reproduction, heterospory, homospory

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