Definitions for: Monger

[n] someone who purchases and maintains an inventory of goods to be sold
[v] sell or offer for sale from place to place

Webster (1913) Definition: Mon"ger, n. [AS. mangere, fr. mangian to trade; akin to
Icel. manga to trade, mangari a trader, OHG. mangari,
mengari; cf. L. mango a dealer in slaves.]
1. A trader; a dealer; -- now used chiefly in composition;
as, fishmonger, ironmonger, newsmonger.

2. A small merchant vessel. [Obs.] --Blount.

Mon"ger, v. t.
To deal in; to make merchandise of; to traffic in; -- used
chiefly of discreditable traffic.

Synonyms: bargainer, dealer, hawk, huckster, peddle, pitch, trader, vend

See Also: art dealer, barterer, bibliopole, bibliopolist, cutler, deal, draper, fence, horse trader, mercer, merchandiser, merchant, seedman, seedsman, sell, slopseller, stamp dealer, stock trader, trade

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