Definitions for: Monarch

[n] large migratory American butterfly having deep orange wings with black and white markings; the larvae feed on milkweed
[n] a nation's ruler or head of state usually by hereditary right

Webster (1913) Definition: Mon"arch, n. [F. monarque, L. monarcha, fr. Gr. ?, ?;
? alone + ? to be first, rule, govern. See Archi-.]
1. A sole or supreme ruler; a sovereign; the highest ruler;
an emperor, king, queen, prince, or chief.

He who reigns Monarch in heaven, . . . upheld by old
repute. --Milton.

2. One superior to all others of the same kind; as, an oak is
called the monarch of the forest.

3. A patron deity or presiding genius.

Come, thou, monarch of the vine, Plumpy Bacchus.

4. (Zo["o]l.) A very large red and black butterfly ({Danais
Plexippus}); -- called also milkweed butterfly.

Mon"arch, a.
Superior to others; pre["e]minent; supreme; ruling. ``Monarch
savage.'' --Pope.

Synonyms: crowned head, Danaus plexippus, milkweed butterfly, monarch butterfly, sovereign

See Also: chief of state, czar, danaid, danaid butterfly, Danaus, Emperor, genus Danaus, Hanoverian, head of state, king, male monarch, ruler, shah, swayer, tsar, tzar

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