Definitions for: Modiste

[n] someone who makes or mends dresses
[n] someone who makes and sells hats

Webster (1913) Definition: Mo`diste", n. [F. See Mode, and cf. Modist.]
A female maker of, or dealer in, articles of fashion,
especially of the fashionable dress of ladies; a woman who
gives direction to the style or mode of dress.

Mo`diste", n. [F. See Mode; cf. Modist.]
One, esp. woman, who makes, or deals in, articles of fashion,
esp. of the fashionable dress of ladies; a dress-maker or

Synonyms: dressmaker, hatmaker, hatter, milliner, needlewoman, seamstress, sempstress

See Also: Betsy Griscom Ross, Betsy Ross, garment worker, garmentmaker, garmentworker, maker, Ross, shaper

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