Definitions for: Mirth

[n] great merriment

Webster (1913) Definition: Mirth, n. [OE. mirthe, murthe, merthe, AS. myr[eth],
myrg[eth], merh[eth], mirh[eth]. See Merry.]
1. Merriment; gayety accompanied with laughter; jollity.

Then will I cause to cease . . . from the streets of
Jerusalem, the voice of mirth. --Jer. vii.

2. That which causes merriment. [Obs.] --Shak.

Syn: Merriment; joyousness; gladness; fun; frolic; glee;
hilarity; festivity; jollity. See Gladness.

Synonyms: glee, gleefulness, hilarity, mirthfulness

See Also: gaiety, merriment

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