Definitions for: Minus

[n] an arithmetic operation in which the difference between two numbers is calculated; "the subtraction of three from four leaves one"; "four minus three equals one"
[adj] involving disadvantage or harm; "minus (or negative) factors"
[adj] on the negative side or lower end of a scale; "minus 5 degrees"; "a grade of B minus"

Webster (1913) Definition: Mi"nus, a. [L. See Minor, and cf. Mis- pref. from
the French.] (Math.)
Less; requiring to be subtracted; negative; as, a minus

Minus sign (Math.), the sign [-] denoting minus, or less,
prefixed to negative quantities, or quantities to be
subtracted. See Negative sign, under Negative.

Synonyms: disadvantageous, harmful, negative, subtraction

Antonyms: plus

See Also: arithmetic operation

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