Definitions for: Milliner

[n] someone who makes and sells hats
[n] a merchant who designs and sells hats

Webster (1913) Definition: Mil"li*ner, n. [From Milaner an inhabitant of Milan,
in Italy; hence, a man from Milan who imported women's
1. Formerly, a man who imported and dealt in small articles
of a miscellaneous kind, especially such as please the
fancy of women. [Obs.]

No milliner can so fit his customers with gloves.

2. A person, usually a woman, who makes, trims, or deals in
hats, bonnets, headdresses, etc., for women.

Man milliner, a man who makes or deals in millinery; hence,
contemptuously, a man who is busied with trifling
occupations or embellishments.

Synonyms: hatmaker, hatter, modiste

See Also: maker, merchandiser, merchant, shaper

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