Definitions for: Manufactory

[n] a plant consisting of buildings with facilities for manufacturing

Webster (1913) Definition: Man`u*fac"to*ry, n.; pl. -ries. [Cf. L.
factorium an oil press, prop., place where something is made.
See Manufacture.]
1. Manufacture. [Obs.]

2. A building or place where anything is manufactured; a

Man`u*fac"to*ry, a.
Pertaining to manufacturing.

Synonyms: factory, manufacturing plant, mill

See Also: assembly line, assembly plant, auto factory, automobile factory, cannery, car factory, chemical plant, foundry, industrial plant, line, lumbermill, metalworks, paper mill, plant, production line, sawmill, shop floor, stamp mill, stamping mill, steel factory, steel mill, steel plant, steelworks, sweatshop, textile mill, works

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