Definitions for: Manor

[n] the mansion of the lord of the manor
[n] the landed estate of a lord (including the house on it)

Webster (1913) Definition: Man"or, n. [OE. maner, OF. maneir habitation, village,
F. manoir manor, prop. the OF. inf. maneir to stay, remain,
dwell, L. manere, and so called because it was the permanent
residence of the lord and of his tenants. See Mansion, and
cf. Remain.]
1. (Eng. Law) The land belonging to a lord or nobleman, or so
much land as a lord or great personage kept in his own
hands, for the use and subsistence of his family.

My manors, rents, revenues, l forego. --Shak.

Note: In these days, a manor rather signifies the
jurisdiction and royalty incorporeal, than the land or
site, for a man may have a manor in gross, as the law
terms it, that is, the right and interest of a
court-baron, with the perquisites thereto belonging.

2. (American Law) A tract of land occupied by tenants who pay
a free-farm rent to the proprietor, sometimes in kind, and
sometimes by performing certain stipulated services.

Manor house, or Manor seat, the house belonging to a

Synonyms: manor house

See Also: acres, demesne, estate, hall, land, landed estate, manse, mansion, mansion house, residence

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