Definitions for: Malefactor

[n] someone who has committed (or been legally convicted of) a crime

Webster (1913) Definition: Mal`e*fac"tor, n. [L., fr. malefacere to do evil;
male ill, evil + facere to do. See Malice, and Fact.]
1. An evil doer; one who commits a crime; one subject to
public prosecution and punishment; a criminal.

2. One who does wrong by injuring another, although not a
criminal. [Obs.] --H. Brooke. Fuller.

Syn: Evil doer; criminal; culprit; felon; convict.

Synonyms: criminal, crook, felon, outlaw

See Also: abductor, accessary, accessory, arsonist, Billie the Kid, blackmailer, Bonney, bootlegger, briber, coconspirator, conspirator, contrabandist, desperado, desperate criminal, drug dealer, drug peddler, drug trafficker, extortioner, extortionist, firebug, fugitive, fugitive from justice, gangster, gangster's moll, goon, gun moll, habitual criminal, highbinder, highjacker, hijacker, hood, hoodlum, incendiary, James, Jesse James, kidnapper, law offender, lawbreaker, liquidator, MacGregor, machinator, mafioso, manslayer, mobster, moll, mooncurser, moonshiner, murderer, offender, parolee, peddler, plotter, probationer, punk, pusher, racketeer, raper, rapist, recidivist, repeater, Rob Roy, Robert MacGregor, runner, scofflaw, smuggler, snatcher, stealer, strong-armer, suborner, thief, thug, tough, toughie, traitor, treasonist, violator, William H. Bonney, wrongdoer

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