Definitions for: Magnoliopsid Genus


Synonyms: dicot genus

See Also: Acocanthera, Acokanthera, Adenium, Alstonia, Amsonia, Anagallis, Apocynum, Ardisia, Aristolochia, Armeria, Asarum, asterid dicot genus, Beaumontia, caryophylloid dicot genus, Catharanthus, Centunculus, Citrullus, class Dicotyledonae, class Dicotyledones, class Magnoliopsida, Comptonia, Cucumis, Cucurbita, Dicotyledonae, Dicotyledones, dilleniid dicot genus, Dipladenia, Ecballium, genus, genus Acocanthera, genus Acokanthera, genus Adenium, genus Allamanda, genus Alstonia, genus Amsonia, genus Anagallis, genus Apocynum, genus Ardisia, genus Aristolochia, genus Armeria, genus Asarum, genus Beaumontia, genus Bryonia, genus Carissa, genus Catharanthus, genus Centunculus, genus Citrullus, genus Comptonia, genus Cucumis, genus Cucurbita, genus Cyclamen, genus Dipladenia, genus Ecballium, genus Glaux, genus Holarrhena, genus Hottonia, genus Jacquinia, genus Lagenaria, genus Leitneria, genus Limonium, genus Luffa, genus Lysimachia, genus Mandevilla, genus Myrica, genus Myrsine, genus Nerium, genus Nopalea, genus Plumbago, genus Plumeria, genus Primula, genus Rauvolfia, genus Rauwolfia, genus Samolus, genus Strophanthus, genus Tabernaemontana, genus Thevetia, genus Trachelospermum, genus Vinca, Glaux, hamamelid dicot genus, Holarrhena, Hottonia, Jacquinia, Lagenaria, Leitneria, Limonium, Lysimachia, magnoliid dicot genus, Magnoliopsida, Mandevilla, Myrica, Myrsine, Nerium, Nopalea, Plumeria, Plumiera, rosid dicot genus, Samolus, Tabernaemontana, Thevetia, Trachelospermum, Vinca

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