Definitions for: Magnoliopsid Family


Synonyms: dicot family

See Also: Amygdalaceae, Apocynaceae, Aristolochiaceae, asterid dicot family, birthwort family, box family, buckbean family, buckwheat family, Buxaceae, Cannabidaceae, caryophylloid dicot family, Casuarinaceae, Cecropiaceae, Celastraceae, class Dicotyledonae, class Dicotyledones, class Magnoliopsida, Combretaceae, combretum family, corkwood family, crowberry family, Cucurbitaceae, daphne family, Dicotyledonae, Dicotyledones, dilleniid dicot family, dogbane family, Elaeagnaceae, elm family, Empetraceae, family, family Amygdalaceae, family Apocynaceae, family Aristolochiaceae, family Buxaceae, family Cannabidaceae, family Casuarinaceae, family Cecropiaceae, family Celastraceae, family Combretaceae, family Cucurbitaceae, family Elaeagnaceae, family Empetraceae, family Gentianaceae, family Goodeniaceae, family Haloragaceae, family Haloragidaceae, family Hydnoracea, family Juglandaceae, family Lecythidaceae, family Leitneriaceae, family Linaceae, family Lobeliaceae, family Loganiaceae, family Lythraceae, family Menyanthaceae, family Moraceae, family Myricaceae, family Myrsinaceae, family Myrtaceae, family Nyssaceae, family Oleaceae, family Plantaginaceae, family Plumbaginaceae, family Polygonaceae, family Primulaceae, family Proteaceae, family Punicaceae, family Rafflesiaceae, family Rhizophoraceae, family Salvadoraceae, family Sapindaceae, family Theophrastaceae, family Thymelaeaceae, family Trapaceae, family Ulmaceae, family Urticaceae, flax family, gentian family, Gentianaceae, Goodenia family, Goodeniaceae, gourd family, Haloragaceae, Haloragidaceae, hamamelid dicot family, hemp family, Hydnoracea, Juglandaceae, leadwort family, Lecythidaceae, Leitneriaceae, Linaceae, lobelia family, Lobeliaceae, Loganiaceae, loosestrife family, Lythraceae, magnoliid dicot family, Magnoliopsida, mangrove family, Menyanthaceae, Moraceae, mulberry family, Myricaceae, Myrsinaceae, myrsine family, Myrtaceae, myrtle family, nettle family, Nyssaceae, Oleaceae, oleaster family, olive family, Plantaginaceae, plantain family, Plumbaginaceae, Polygonaceae, primrose family, Primulaceae, protea family, Proteaceae, Punicaceae, Rafflesiaceae, Rhizophoraceae, rosid dicot family, Salvadora family, Salvadoraceae, Sapindaceae, sea-lavender family, soapberry family, sour-gum family, spindle-tree family, staff-tree family, Theophrastaceae, Thymelaeaceae, Trapaceae, tupelo family, Ulmaceae, Urticaceae, walnut family, water-milfoil family, wax-myrtle family

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