Definitions for: Louver

[n] one of a set of parallel slats in a door or window to admit air and reject rain

Webster (1913) Definition: Lou"ver, Louvre Lou"vre, n. [OE. lover, OF. lover,
lovier; or l'ouvert the opening, fr. overt, ouvert, p. p. of
ovrir, ouvrir, to open, F. ouvrir. Cf. Overt.] (Arch.)
A small lantern. See Lantern, 2
(a) . [Written also lover, loover, lovery, and

Louver boards or boarding, the sloping boards set to shed
rainwater outward in openings which are to be left
otherwise unfilled; as belfry windows, the openings of a
louver, etc.

Louver work, slatted work.

Synonyms: fin, louvre

See Also: jalousie, slat, spline

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