Definitions for: Location

[n] a point or extent in space
[n] a determination of the location of something; "he got a good fix on the target"
[n] the act of putting something in a certain place or location

Webster (1913) Definition: Lo*ca"tion, n. [L. locatio, fr. locare.]
1. The act or process of locating.

2. Situation; place; locality. --Locke.

3. That which is located; a tract of land designated in
place. [U.S.]

4. (Law)
(a) (Civil Law) A leasing on rent.
(b) (Scots Law) A contract for the use of a thing, or
service of a person, for hire. --Wharton.
(c) (Amer. Law) The marking out of the boundaries, or
identifying the place or site of, a piece of land,
according to the description given in an entry, plan,
map, etc. --Burrill. Bouvier.

Synonyms: emplacement, fix, localisation, localization, locating, placement, position, positioning

See Also: activity, apposition, base, collocation, determination, Earth, echo sounding, echolocation, entity, finding, fingering, here, home, implantation, interposition, jungle, juxtaposition, line, mountain pass, notch, orientation, outer space, part, pass, physical thing, planting, point, region, repositioning, set, sodom, somewhere, space, stratification, superposition, there, whereabouts

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