Definitions for: Locality

[n] a surrounding or nearby region; "the plane crashed in the vicinity of Asheville"; "it is a rugged locality"; "he always blames someone else in the immediate neighborhood"

Webster (1913) Definition: Lo*cal"i*ty, n.; pl. Localitiees. [L. localitas:
cf. F. localit['e].]
1. The state, or condition, of belonging to a definite place,
or of being contained within definite limits.

It is thought that the soul and angels are devoid of
quantity and dimension, and that they have nothing
to do with grosser locality. --Glanvill.

2. Position; situation; a place; a spot; esp., a geographical
place or situation, as of a mineral or plant.

3. Limitation to a county, district, or place; as, locality
of trial. --Blackstone.

4. (Phren.) The perceptive faculty concerned with the ability
to remember the relative positions of places.

Synonyms: neighborhood, neighbourhood, vicinity

See Also: Latin Quarter, Left Bank, Montmartre, place, proximity, Right Bank, scenery, section

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