Definitions for: Linkage

[n] the act of linking things together
[n] a mechanical system of rods or springs or pivots that transmits power or motion
[n] (genetics) traits that tend to be inherited together as a consequence of an association between their genes; all of the genes of a given chromosome are linked (where one goes they all go)
[n] an associative relation

Webster (1913) Definition: Link"age (l[i^][ng]k"[asl]j; 48), n.
1. The act of linking; the state of being linked; also, a
system of links.

2. (Chem.) Manner of linking or of being linked; -- said of
the union of atoms or radicals in the molecule.

3. (Geom.) A system of straight lines or bars, fastened
together by joints, and having certain of their points
fixed in a plane. It is used to describe straight lines
and curves in the plane.

Synonyms: gene linkage

See Also: attachment, connectedness, connection, connexion, fastening, hereditary pattern, inheritance, link, mechanical system, nexus

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