Definitions for: Liliopsid Genus


Synonyms: monocot genus

See Also: Acorus, Aglaonema, Angraecum, Anoectochilus, Aplectrum, Arisaema, Arisarum, Bletilla, Brassia, Calla, Calopogon, Catasetum, Cephalanthera, class Liliopsida, class Monocotyledonae, class Monocotyledones, Colocasia, Dieffenbachia, Dracunculus, Epipremnum, genus, genus Acorus, genus Aerides, genus Aglaonema, genus Alocasia, genus Amorphophallus, genus Angraecum, genus Angrecum, genus Anoectochilus, genus Anthurium, genus Aplectrum, genus Arethusa, genus Arisaema, genus Arisarum, genus Arum, genus Bletia, genus Bletilla, genus Brassavola, genus Brassia, genus Caladenia, genus Caladium, genus Calanthe, genus Calla, genus Calopogon, genus Calypso, genus Catasetum, genus Cattleya, genus Cephalanthera, genus Colocasia, genus Cryptocoryne, genus Dieffenbachia, genus Dracontium, genus Dracunculus, genus Epipremnum, genus Juncus, genus Lemna, genus Lysichiton, genus Lysichitum, genus Monstera, genus Nephthytis, genus Orchis, genus Orontium, genus Peltandra, genus Philodendron, genus Pistia, genus Pothos, genus Scindapsus, genus Spathiphyllum, genus Spirodela, genus Symplocarpus, genus Syngonium, genus Wolffia, genus Wolffiella, genus Xanthosoma, genus Zantedeschia, Juncus, Lemna, liliid monocot genus, Liliopsida, Lysichiton, Lysichitum, Monocotyledonae, Monocotyledones, Orontium, Peltandra, Scindapsus, Spirodela, Symplocarpus, Syngonium, Wolffia, Wolffiella, Xanthosoma, Zantedeschia

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