Definitions for: Lawless

[adj] without law or control; "the system is economically inefficient and politically anarchic"
[adj] disobedient to or defiant of law; "lawless bands roaming the plains"
[adj] lax in enforcing laws; "an open town"

Webster (1913) Definition: Law"less, a.
1. Contrary to, or unauthorized by, law; illegal; as, a
lawless claim.

He needs no indirect nor lawless course. --Shak.

2. Not subject to, or restrained by, the law of morality or
of society; as, lawless men or behavior.

3. Not subject to the laws of nature; uncontrolled.

Or, meteorlike, flame lawless through the void.
-- Law"less*ly, adv. -- Law"less*ness, n.

Synonyms: anarchic, anarchical, open, outlaw(a), uncontrolled, unlawful, wide-open

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