Definitions for: Lamp

[n] an artificial source of visible illumination
[n] a piece of furniture holding one or more electric light bulbs

Webster (1913) Definition: Lamp, n.[OE. (with excrescent p), fr. F. lame, L. lamina.
See Lamina.]
A thin plate or lamina. [Obs.] --Chaucer.

Lamp, n. [F. lampe, L. lampas, -adis, fr. Gr. ?, ?,
torch, fr. ? to give light, to shine. Cf. Lampad,
1. A light-producing vessel, instrument or apparatus;
especially, a vessel with a wick used for the combustion
of oil or other inflammable liquid, for the purpose of
producing artificial light.

2. Figuratively, anything which enlightens intellectually or
morally; anything regarded metaphorically a performing the
uses of a lamp.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my
path. --Ps. cxix.

Ages elapsed ere Homer's lamp appeared. --Cowper.

3. (Elec.) A device or mechanism for producing light by
electricity. See Incandescent lamp, under

[AE]olipile lamp, a hollow ball of copper containing
alcohol which is converted into vapor by a lamp beneath,
so as to make a powerful blowpipe flame when the vapor is
ignited. --Weale.

Arc lamp (Elec.), a form of lamp in which the voltaic arc
is used as the source of light.

D["e]bereiner's lamp, an apparatus for the instantaneous
production of a flame by the spontaneous ignition of a jet
of hydrogen on being led over platinum sponge; -- named
after the German chemist D["o]bereiner, who invented it.
Called also philosopher's lamp.

Flameless lamp, an aphlogistic lamp.

Lamp burner, the part of a lamp where the wick is exposed
and ignited. --Knight.

Lamp fount, a reservoir for oil, in a lamp.

Lamp jack. See 2d Jack, n., 4
(l) &
(n) .

Lamp shade, a screen, as of paper, glass, or tin, for
softening or obstructing the light of a lamp.

Lamp shell (Zo["o]l.), any brachiopod shell of the genus
Terebratula and allied genera. The name refers to the
shape, which is like that of an antique lamp. See

Safety lamp, a miner's lamp in which the flame is
surrounded by fine wire gauze, preventing the kindling of
dangerous explosive gases; -- called also, from Sir
Humphry Davy the inventor, Davy lamp.

To smell of the lamp, to bear marks of great study and
labor, as a literary composition.

See Also: Aladdin's lamp, article of furniture, base, calcium light, candle, diffuser, diffusor, electric lamp, electric socket, flash, flash lamp, flashbulb, flashgun, floor lamp, fluorescent lamp, furniture, gas lamp, hurricane lamp, hurricane lantern, kerosene lamp, kerosine lamp, lamp shade, lampshade, lantern, limelight, neon induction lamp, neon lamp, neon tube, oil lamp, photoflash, piece of furniture, reading lamp, rear lamp, rear light, sodium-vapor lamp, sodium-vapour lamp, source of illumination, spirit lamp, spot, spotlight, storm lamp, storm lantern, street lamp, streetlight, table lamp, tail lamp, taillight, taper, tornado lantern, wax light

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