Definitions for: Laborer

[n] someone who works with their hands; someone engaged in manual labor

Webster (1913) Definition: La"bor*er, n. [Written also labourer.]
One who labors in a toilsome occupation; a person who does
work that requires strength rather than skill, as
distinguished from that of an artisan.

Synonyms: jack, labourer, manual laborer

See Also: agricultural laborer, agricultural labourer, cleaner, day laborer, day labourer, digger, dishwasher, dock worker, docker, dockhand, dock-walloper, drudge, faller, feller, fireman, galley slave, gandy dancer, gravedigger, hand, hewer, hired hand, hired man, hod carrier, hodman, itinerant, loader, longshoreman, lumberjack, lumberman, lumper, miner, mineworker, mule driver, mule skinner, muleteer, navvy, peon, platelayer, porter, rail-splitter, sawyer, section hand, skinner, splitter, sprayer, stacker, steeplejack, stevedore, stoker, tracklayer, woodcutter, working man, working person, workman, wrecker, yardman

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