Definitions for: Julep

[n] bourbon and sugar and mint over crushed ice

Webster (1913) Definition: Ju"lep, n. [F., fr. Sp. julepe, fr. Ar. & Per. jul[=a]b,
jull[=a]b, fr. Per. gul[=a]b rose water and julep; gul rose +
[=a]b water.]
1. A refreshing drink flavored with aromatic herbs; esp.
(Med.), a sweet, demulcent, acidulous, or mucilaginous
mixture, used as a vehicle. --Milton.

Honey in woods, juleps in brooks. -- H. Vaughan.

2. A beverage composed of brandy, whisky, or some other
spirituous liquor, with sugar, pounded ice, and sprigs of
mint; -- called also mint julep. [U.S.]

Synonyms: mint julep

See Also: bourbon, highball

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