Definitions for: Joyless

[adj] not experiencing or inspiring joy; "a joyless man"; "a joyless occasion"; "joyless evenings"

Webster (1913) Definition: Joy"less, a.
Not having joy; not causing joy; unenjoyable. --
Joy"less*ly, adv. -- Joy"less*ness, n.

With downcast eyes the joyless victor sat. --Dryden.

Youth and health and war are joyless to him. --Addison.

[He] pining for the lass, Is joyless of the grove, and
spurns the growing grass. --Dryden.

Synonyms: funereal, mirthless, sepulchral, unamused, unsmiling

Antonyms: joyous

See Also: cheerless, sorrowful, uncheerful, unhappy

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