Definitions for: Joust

[n] a combat between two mounted knights tilting against each other with blunted lances
[v] joust against somebody in a tournament by fighting on horseback

Webster (1913) Definition: Joust, v. i. [OE. justen, jousten, OF. jouster, jouster,
joster, F. jouter, fr. L. juxta near to, nigh, from the root
of jungere to join. See Join, and cf. Jostle.]
To engage in mock combat on horseback, as two knights in the
lists; to tilt. [Written also just.]

For the whole army to joust and tourney. --Holland.

Joust, n. [OE. juste, jouste, OF. juste, jouste, joste,
F. joute. See Joust, v. i.]
A tilting match; a mock combat on horseback between two
knights in the lists or inclosed field. [Written also

Gorgeous knights at joust and tournament. --Milton.

Synonyms: tilt

See Also: battle, fight, struggle, struggle, tilt, tournament

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