Definitions for: Javelin

[n] a spear thrown as a weapon or in competitive field events
[n] an athletic competition in which a javelin is thrown as far as possible

Webster (1913) Definition: Jave"lin, n. [F. javeline; akin to Sp. jabalina, It.
giavelina, and F. javelot, OF. gavlot. Cf. Gavelock.]
A sort of light spear, to be thrown or cast by thew hand;
anciently, a weapon of war used by horsemen and foot
soldiers; now used chiefly in hunting the wild boar and other
fierce game.

Flies the javelin swifter to its mark, Launched by the
vigor of a Roman arm? --Addison.

Jave"lin, v. t.
To pierce with a javelin. [R.] --Tennyson.

See Also: field event, lance, shaft, spear, sporting goods, sports equipment

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