Definitions for: Jacksnipe

[n] American sandpiper that inflates its chest when courting
[n] a small short-billed Old World snipe

Webster (1913) Definition: Jack"snipe`, n. (Zo["o]l.)
(a) A small European snipe (Limnocryptes gallinula); --
called also judcock, jedcock, juddock, jed, and
half snipe.
(b) A small American sandpiper (Tringa maculata); -- called
also pectoral sandpiper, and grass snipe.

Synonyms: Calidris melanotos, half snipe, Limnocryptes minima, pectoral sandpiper

See Also: Calidris, genus Calidris, genus Limnocryptes, Limnocryptes, sandpiper, snipe

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